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SuperNifty is dedicated to providing open, honest information about everything from leadership, entrepreneurship, and relationship management, to personal success mapping, finding passion, and removing motivational blockers. To avoid a single point of view, we are dedicated to also providing a curated list of articles and videos from colleagues, artists, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders on whatever topic they felt became the epicenter for their personal growth. This website is dedicated to sharing advice, cultivating conversation, and providing a new perspective on modern issues that many people struggle with.

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Sharpen You Skills

Professional and personal growth starts with knowing your value from the perspective of your market and consistently improving in the areas that you want to sell yourself. At SuperNifty our goal is to help provide some context on how to effectively attack your goals intelligently, gracefully, and strategically regardless of the long term vision of success that you have set for yourself.

See the Bigger Picture

Take the time to hear, discuss, and play with thought processes of your peers. Regardless of whether new perspectives change your approach, the broader understanding can give you a better perspective on issues and allow you to approach empathetically.

Create Your Leadership Toolset

Leadership is not about “power”. Instead leadership is about influence. Great leaders can guide others without being in a position of power because they have built a toolset of traits and skills that can be used to guide and improve the lives of those around them. Discover new ways to approach leadership by hearing what other thought leaders have to say about their experiences working with clients, companies, and teams.

Find Diamonds in the Rough

Discover new ways to find and culture the diamonds in the rough within your teams. Sometimes, opportunity, trust, and ownership are what create rockstar team members from seemingly uninterested players.

meet the founder

Joe Pearson

Over the last eight years, I have worked in technical consultation both as a CoFounder of a web design business, as well as the Chief Technology Officer for a financial services firm. During that time I fell in love with Agile and leaned into the communicative, collaborative nature that it brings out in its participants.

I have spent the last 4 years in pursuit of balance and harmony. I don’t believe success is a single point in time within the purview of desires. Instead, success is the perpetual desire to be exactly where you are. I am finally where I want to be! So now my goal is to help others, both on my team and through this website, to find that same level of success.









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All too often new Scrum Masters get super excited about leading a project that they begin to lose touch of the basics and rely heavily on the "process" of leading a team through metrics instead of relying on the core values of Scrum and Agile...

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